About Us

Doowacky - Do the unusual.

"Wacky" is defined by Cambridge dictionary as
"unusual in a pleasing and exciting or silly way".

Unusual, yet pleasing and exciting. This is what defines most of the products on our e-store.

DOOWACKY e-store started as a result of a personal journey searching for products that are supposedly exciting but not found easily.
Our next generation is obsessed by the popular KPOP bands, and their merchandise is hard to find.
There are some very useful gadgets out there, which are much needed and yet for some reason not advertised widely, or not sold by popular e-commerce websites. This may be due to less demand, or less returns, or some other reason. There is a safety page for safety equipment at your home.

Why buy from DOOWACKY?

Our objective is to look for amazing products across the globe, research about them, and make them available to you at the click of a button.
Free shipping available plus secured returns and refunds guaranteed.

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