Life - A bundle of aspirations and expectations

What is life? Nothing but a fulfillment of aspirations.

From the moment you are born, you aspire, to eat, play, grow up, dress. You aspire to excel, improve, to learn, to love, to impress, to live with aplomb. And what do you do when you are grown up, earning your own money? You shop, yes you heard it right. You go and shop for your dresses, your fashion accessories, your gaming equipment and do all that you like.


Life is about satisfying your ego, your small desires, there is nothing like it when you buy the small ring that you always want to gift to your sister, or the favorite T-shirt for that pop brand you always admired and followed.


Life is also about discovering new things, new avenues, making new choices and exploring new stuff. You travel, you play, you admire, you evolve, the journey is fascinating.

Doowacky helps you with this fascinating journey. To help you discover many small thing, that you thought never existed, until you discovered them. We careful go through the online world and find suppliers for good things, things that you will like, will want to possess and use. Be it for kids, grown up, adults or teenagers, we have something that will interest all of them.


So what are you waiting for? Go surf the online world of and pamper yourself.

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